About the Author

Andrew is a UK Tech Entrepreneur, Acrobat, Powerlifter, and Author of Execute Your Tech Idea, A Step by Step Guide for Non-Techies, Professionals, Managers, and Startups.

Andrew has over a decade of experience working with hundreds of people and businesses to guide and implement their tech ideas. He has had a well-established impact on the tech space, which has seen him recognised with several business awards, including the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce’ Future Face of Entrepreneurship’ and the Silicon Canal Most Influential Male in Tech.

Andrews wants to see a future where technology continues to enrich people’s lives and grow business productivity and wants to take steps to ensure that this kind of future will happen. He aims to achieve this future by supporting or enabling businesses of all sizes to embrace technology to innovate, especially those that don’t think of themselves as tech businesses. Because he sees a future where every business is a tech business.

In addition to his tech pursuits, Andrew is also a keen sportsperson and won the British Bench Press Championships in his category three years running in 2020, 2021, and 2022, earning the privilege to represent Great Britain in the IPF World Bench Press Championships in Lithuania.

About the book

Portrait of Andrew Ward, the Author of the Execute Your Tech Idea Book